Specialized team

Echipa medicala a Clinicii Unident este o echipa cu experienta, specializata pe toate domeniile medicinei dentare pentru a putea asigura servicii medicale avansate.


Tehnologii avansate

Utilizam tehnologii avansate, softuri specializate si materiale bioactive premium, furnizate de catre liderii mondiali in domeniu.


Guaranteed quality

We have ISO 9001: 2015 certification because we use quality materials, advanced equipment and advanced technology to ensure the quality and safety of exceptional medical services.

The sequence of treatment stages

Urmam un protocol care ne asigura calitatea, siguranta si predictibilitatea unui tratament de succes.

  • Laser assisted periodontalServices

  • Digital Guided ImplantologyServices

  • Dental Scanner - 3D CBCTServices

  • Advanced Oral SurgeryServices

  • Advanced orthodonticsServices

  • Microscopic laser endodonticsServices

  • Oral rehabilitation with digital smile designServices

  • Oral Cancer ScreeningServices

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We use advanced technology for excellent results

tomograf-dentarDental Scanner - 3D CBCT

Tri-dimensional X-Ray investigation to establish an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment with minimal exposure to radiation.

laser-chirurgical-si-terapeuticSurgical and therapeutic laser

Used for complex microsurgical treatment, bacterial decontamination, desensitization or bio-stimulation, ensuring rapid healing without bleeding or pain.

anestezie-computerizataNeedle free anesthesia

Very appreciated by patients, anesthesia is performed by a device equipped with a tiny slit through which the anesthetic is sprayed into the tissues.

materiale-performante-bioactiveGuided surgery

The technique allows the insertion of implants in the ideal position, surgery becoming safe, fast and comfortable.

investigatie-velsope-vxVELscope VX Investigation

A professional, innovative and efficient device that can save lives! It can detect incipient forms of pre-cancer and cancer.

dac-universal-sironaDAC Universal Sirona

Autoclave which ensures the automatically sterilization of handpieces limiting the risk of human error and reducing the risk of cross contamination.

tehnologie-a-prf-i-prf-prpDigital Smile Design

Allows the digital planning of the smile, based on the personality and traits of each physiognomy, facilitating a successful treatment.

microscopie-dentaraDental microscopy

Microscopes are used for viewing fine details, important both for diagnosis and for treatment success.

Why Unident Clinic?

Clinica Unident asigura servicii integrate avansate de medicina dentara premium, radiologie digitala 3D si laborator dentar CAD-CAM.

  • All time First Place in Top Companies profile;
  • Coordinating physician with 18 years of experience;
  • Physicians specialized in all segments of dentistry;
  • We use advanced equipment and innovative technologies;
  • We have ISO 9001: 2015 certification;
  • We offer 2 year warranty for treatments and dental works;
  • acordam multiple beneficii pacientilor si posibilitati de plata in rate fara dobanda;
  • practicam respectul pentru pacienti si cea mai nobila profesie, medicina.

Your opinion matters

Your expectations, feelings and fears are important to us and for this reason we are open to your suggestions

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