Dr. Petronela Luca

Doctor in Medical Sciences

Manager General Clinica Unident


  • Doctor in Medical Sciences
  • Implantologie Orala / Parodontologie Laser
  • Endodontie Microscopica/ Protetica Digitala
  • Estetica Dentara
  • Doctorate in Odontology – Oral Periodontology
  • Master in Oro – Dental Health
  • Competence in Oral Implantology
  • Competence in Maxillofacial Radiology – Dental
  • Member of the College of Dentists in Romania
  • Member of the National Union of Dental Associations (UNAS)
  • Member of the Private Practice Dentists Association in Romania (AMSPPR)
  • Member of the Esthetic Dentistry Society in Romania (SSER)

Published articles

  • Influence of periodontal therapy upon the pathology of dental pulp in the endo-periodontal syndrome – International Journal of Medical Dentistry, vol 15 (2), 2011, 172-176
  • Evaluation of bacterial patterns and the pathogenicity level in the endo-periodontal syndrome. – Journal of Romanian Medical Dentistry, vol 14 (3), 2010, 239-246.
  • The etiopathogeny of the endo-periodontal syndrome- Eurodentis 1 – a X-a aniversare A.M.S Iasi.

PhD Thesis: Clinical management for Biological Research in endo-periodontal syndrome University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Gr" University Faculty of Dental Medicine

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