Advanced orthodontics

  • Multidisciplinary treatment plan
  • Doctors with competence in orthodontics with over 15 years experience
  • Using the best systems and the most advanced orthodontic treatment techniques
  • Using the best materials supplied by world leaders in field
  • Providing a system of interest-free installments for 12 months
  • Providing free X-ray investigations and check-up investigations during treatment
  • Quality guarantee

More than any other medical specialty, orthodontics requires a team effort from all those involved: children, parents, adult patients, doctors and nurses. In addition, better informed patients are more motivated and help us work as a team throughout the orthodontic treatment.

In Unident Clinic orthodontics has a tradition of over 15 years. We use the best orthodontic systems, advanced treatment techniques and medical specialists with clinical experience, to get the best results.

Fixed orthodontic braces

Fixed orthodontic appliances are the most used and consist of brackets applied on each tooth, united by a spring. Brackets fixing is made by bonding with composite materials and does not attack tooth enamel surfaces leaving it intact after removal. The brackets can be metallic – are more affordable – or physiognomy.

Physiognomic brackets are usually made of sapphire. They represent the most aesthetic alternative to braces, they have a similar resistance to metal and their translucency and transparency make them almost invisible.

Mobile orthodontic braces

Mobile orthodontic appliances are recommended only for children and are used as long as there are milk teeth arch. They are used to stimulate growth arches, to facilitate the dental alignment or to correct small dental malpositions. They are made of brightly colored materials to attract little patients.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are invisible appliances because they are fixed to the inner side of the teeth and they are the ideal solution for adult patients, business people or those who want to eliminate the stress of wearing visible braces.

INCOGNITO orthodontic braces uses brackets made of gold alloy. Each bracket is designed on a computer and individualized for each tooth in part in laboratories in Germany.

Due to the significant costs of orthodontic appliances we provide a system of interest-free installments for 12 months with free X-ray investigations and check-up investigations during treatment.