Laser assisted periodontal

Unident Clinic treats periodontal disease quickly, painlessly and with the guarantee of accelerated healing

  • Through advanced techniques that shorten the length of surgery
  • With specialized doctors to treat this disease
  • Using dental lasers, Bio-vitalization therapeutic laser programs, regeneration and sterilization, to accelerate healing or painkiller effect.
  • Bleeding and sutures are removed 100%
  • With superior regeneration results

About periodontal disease, the main cause of tooth loss

Periodontal disease is a disease of the tissues around the teeth: gums, alveolar bone, root cementum and ligaments that hold the teeth in.

It is caused mainly by bacterial plaque that causes inflammation of the marginal periodontal. In early stages, periodontal disease is called gingivitis and is reversible with appropriate treatment and by maintaining a rigorous hygiene. If left untreated, gingivitis may result in periodontitis and finally the loss of teeth on the dental arch.

Prevention of periodontal disease

To maintain healthy gums and teeth is mandatory maintaining a rigorous hygiene. Doing correct tooth brushing for cleaning teeth and mouth by using the water irrigator, flossing, interdental brushes, with regular checks and professional cleaning in the dental office are the first steps to prevent and treat periodontal disease.

Treatment of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease treatment is complex and aims stopping disease progression: prevents damage to the supporting tissues of the tooth, infection control, mobilization and prevention of tooth loss. The cooperation physician – patient is essential to obtain favorable long-term results.

Identifying periodontal problems in early stages and performing periodontal treatment early are very important factors in the disease prognosis.

Major bone defects require bone addition and teeth immobilization with contention bands, in order to improve their stability.

Advanced stages of periodontal disease are treated surgically: laser assisted root planning, gingivectomy, flap surgeries, bone additions, material application for remodeling and regeneration of lost tissues.

Unident Clinic uses therapeutic lasers with Bio-Vitalization programs, regeneration and sterilization to accelerate healing or painkiller effect.